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A fine pair of shoes deserve a little care and attention now and again as they are often a long-term investment in time and comfort.


We stock a comprehensive range of laces, insoles, polishes, shoe and boot trees and much more.


Our craftsman are always happy to offer the best advice for your needs.

Looking after your footwear…


  1. Don't wear the same shoes every day, it's best to alternate.

  2. Use shoe shapers, shoe or shoe trees to preserve the original shape.

  3. Waterproofing your shoes before wearing them is a good idea, especially delicate leathers or suede.

  4. Never dry shoes on or near a heat source.

  5. Polish shoes regularly - for best results apply a small amount of polish on a lint-free cloth or daubing brush. Once dry, buff shoes with a soft cloth or horsehair brush.

  6. Special attention should be taken for suede or nubuck shoes. Clean the shoes with a soft suede brush first. Stubborn marks can be removed with a cleaning block or suede shampoo.  Use a renovator spray to restore colour.

  7. Steam will revitalise suede, but be careful not to burn yourself if you try this at home.

  8. Care needs to be taken when treating exotic leathers.

  9. Ask for advice on the appropriate product for the type of leather you are treating (reptile, oiled leather, patent, braided, metallic, vintage).

  10. Take care of your shoes at least once a week - clean and use shoe trees. This will keep your shoes looking great for longer.

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