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We've been working closely with a Master Watchmaker for over 15 years. He has the expertise to repair any watch, including vintage watches and antique pocket watches.


Our Master Watchmaker has over 35 years’ experience in the repair of most watch brands, offering an extraordinary level of expertise.

Time for a new strap?

We stock a wide selection of leather, metal and fabric watch straps in store, all fitted while you wait or while you do your shopping. Alternatively, check out the online catalogue for specialist straps, which we can order for you. This usually takes a day or so.

Link Adjustment

Is your watch too loose or too tight?  We can remove or put back links for a better fit for most brands as well as punching extra holes in most leather watch straps.

Battery Replacement

Whether your watch is running slow or has stopped altogether it’s most likely time to bring it in for a new battery. We work on most brands of watches and always give a one year guarantee for the battery.

Pressure Testing

For peace of mind, we can pressure test the water resistance of your underwater and sports watches.


We offer a wide range of replacement watch straps for every type of watch or occasion.  


To view the range of styles simply click on the relevant catalogue to see the full collection.

To place an order either call us on 01428 652344 or use the enquiry form below stating the watch strap reference number from the catalogue.

We will then get in touch with you to confirm your request and the cost. 

Watch Strap Order Enquiry Form

Thank you. Your message has been sent. We will be in touch very soon!


To view watchstrap catalogues scroll down below

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